More Traveling with Cameras

April and May have been amazing so far. Great jobs came out of nowhere and I have been traveling. In April I was hired to shoot for two shows in the Bahamas: ‘Laura McKenzie’s Traveler’ and ‘Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World’.
The job included traveling on a yacht and staying in luxury resorts on the Xumas in the Bahamas for 2 1/2 weeks. Unbelievable. I was shooting on an old Sony F350 xdcam monster, sometimes knee-deep in water surrounded by sharks. Haha, not the man eating ones. All I can say is that I’m very grateful for the experience and feel privileged that I was able to work in a place where other people pay a lot of money to get to – and being with great talent and crew of course.
Now I’m back on the documentary about rural surgery we started last year and we are traveling the US on a shoe string budget. It’s the same amount of fun though which proves to me that I’m in the right job: I love what I do! So instead of racing in a cigarette boat through turquoise water and blasting HipHop I drive through the night in an RV listening to country music. Both awesome!
I decided to use my FS700 for the documentary although I couldn’t charge them for it – just because I love the camera. Still – the HVX proved itself way more practical for filming the surgeries and following the doctors around. Big sensor cameras slow you down substantially and require a certain amount of preplanning. Not that I haven’t done any run and gun on my Canon T2i but the amount of non-usable footage is way higher. Talking about out-of-focus.
There are some possible jobs coming up but I don’t want to talk about them until I’m booked. Classic superstitious behavior. Wish me luck.




The traveling cameraman: Shooting on the road


I’m on the road again! I’ve always been an adventurer at heart and what’s better than combining earning my living with my passions: filming and traveling.
The project is a documentary on surgeons in rural areas for Corrado Studios and we’re covering Missouri, Kansas and Ohio in the first part of the production with many other US states following later.
I’m using a Canon DSLR for the sit down interviews and an Panasonic HVX for all the run and gun stuff. The Canon is certainly the best choice to create very pleasing results in any random environment and the HVX is still -although not the newest kid on the block – a very reliable friend for HD capture. I was shooting surgery and the images I got under these blazing OR lights are pretty amazing. I was so exited about the footage I got that the smell of burned human flesh didn’t bother me (they are using heated scalpels these days).
The best part of this production is getting to know people that I wouldn’t get to meet otherwise and traveling to places I would necessarily go to otherwise. People are very welcoming in the heart land and curious about what you are doing.