Remote Editing will be Mainstream: Adobe Anywhere

Adobe is moving into the future: Faster than anybody else. The concept of remote controlling your editing server is not new but to just build it into you editing software and optimize it the way they did is still a big step forward.

Until now I have been considering buying a Retina Mac Book Pro, so I can edit on the road and then also was concidering buying the Mac Pro tower that is announced for the next year. This will put at least a $12.000 hole in my pocket.

Now I can rethink and from what I heard maybe even this configuartion would be possible:

Having a Macbook Air with me at all times and log into my powerful server WHICH WILL BE A WINDOWS MACHINE. This could cut the cost in half – if not more. This is exiting news and I’m very grateful that I updated to the Adobe creative cloud as well. I’m on the right track.