The Sony FS-700: The Giant woke up.

What is the FS-700? An answer to Red? A respond to the DSLR revolution?

I would say both. It’s simply the result of listening to the needs of creative people. What would be their ideal camera, what’s on the wish list? Sony listened and they listened well. Everything this camera does was on my wish list. And more – I never asked for 240fps. Maybe 120 but 240? That’s insane. And what about the 4K output as an add-on for later? What a genius idea! Spending almost $10.000 on a camera is pretty heavy stuff for most of us but then having the the opportunity to update later after we made some money with this thing? That’s amazing. I’m really exited and I can’t wait until I get mine – I’m so sick on shooting on DSLR’s. The constant fumbling and improvising has an end – not to mention recording dual sound on even the simplest projects:

On a show for NBC I found myself using my Canon with seperate sound but when I wanted to sync it in post I found out that the in-camera sound was unusuble so I had ot visually lip-sync and was second guessing what people were saying. What a nightmare. There are many times when I told myself I should have never sold my HVX. But all this will be over soon. Sony the Giant woke up and lived up to our expectations. Thank you.

But I had good time with my DSLR. Just check out the web series I shot on it:

Good times!