My new Sony Nex-FS700 is now for rent

Jan Becker's Sony Nexus FS700 is now for rent

If you want to rent me and my Sony FS700 contact me on

I’m ready to help you to shoot your project using my new baby the Sony FS700. I tested it’s abilities and I’m blown away by the picture quality. It’s┬ádefinitely a step up from a DSLR. Colors are beautiful, the latitude is much better and the noise in low light is minimal. The super slow motion in 240fps looks clean and very impressive. I will post some footage soon. Contact me through my website

One thought on “My new Sony Nex-FS700 is now for rent

  1. Please i would love to rent your Sony FS700 for a shoot on Saturday 4th of August, Please let me know if it is available and how much charge for the day.


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