Skin Tone Test with the FS700′s Picture Profiles

Skin tone tests are the staple of camera testing and maybe the most important ones. The FS700 offers great cinegamma settings and the typical ways to manipulate the image.

Most of the settings are the exact replica of Jeff Lee’s picture profile settings over at Abelcine. I only changed the super flat settings and used cinegamma 4. Also, I added another setting which tries to emulate the cLog on the C300.

I shot at ISO1000 wich is no problem for this camera and just used one small china ball with a 5600K Kinoflo bulb.

Thank you Björn and Vicky for helping out.

The most requested PP settings from readers is this one:

C300 Cine Simulation

Black Level      +7

Gamma           Cine 4

Black Gamma:  Range:  High

Level:   +4

Knee:   Mode:  Manual   Manual Set:   Point:   75%

Slope  +2

Color Mode:   Type:  Still

Level     8

Color Level:   -2

Color  Phase  +3

Color  Depth:   All Zero

Detail:   -2     Manual:  Off

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