Arrival of the Sony Nexus FS700

The big brown box from B&H

The friendly UPS guy delivers my new camera

There are only a few things more exiting for a DP than getting your hands on your new camera. For this one I waited a long time. When the specs were revealed just before NAB 2012 I almost wouldn’t believe it: 240fps, 4K, Super 35mm sensor for under $10.000? That was more than I had asked for. My craving set in instantly and hard. When would it be released? How long do I have to wait for this thing? Then the the first footage of the per-production models was revealed on Vimeo. Absolutely stunning! I had to get my hands on one – fast. Like in a mad frenzy I was checking the B&H site every day to be among the first ones to pre-order it. Which I did on the first possible day! Obsession! And today it happened – the UPS man dropped of the B&H box and the magical process of un-boxing unfolded itself. What is it with the unboxing people are obsessed about? There are unboxing videos and photos all over the internet? What’s the psychology behind it? Do we feel worth more because we own a certain thing and want to show it to the world? Erich Fromm wrote a whole book on it: “To have or to be?”. I can only speak for myself but I do feel better as a cinematographer owning a great tool. It’s like adding a new body part that serves my craft. Am I a better DP because of it? No – but I have the chance to work more, experiment more, train more and have more fun. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Also there is just the sheer joy of having this marvel of engineering right in your hands. Just admiring all the knowledge, hard work, inspiration and creativity that materialized in this camera body. It gives me the feeling of being part of a greater human community. And then also there is this feeling of responsibility: I own this great tool – now it’s my duty to create amazing images. It’s a motivation and a push for quality. And last but nor least there is the pressure of making all the money back I spent on the camera – not to underestimate.

Jan Becker's new camera shines

There she is - ready to capture amazing footage.